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Tantric, erotic touch, lingham, yoni, prostate massage, ropes and bdsm elements, b2b, energy flow, edging, full body orgasm,... What is your fantasy today?

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💋 Eva 💋

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Reklaami kirjeldus

Hallo :) my name is Eva I am a skillful tantric masseuse with many years of experience. I offer several types of services: tantric, erotic massage, bdsm, Shibari, Shamanic sessions. No sex.
I work with men, women, couples and I have female and male collegues who can performe 4 or 6 or more hands together with me.
You can add some extras to your treatment, f.ex. anal massage or we can design something unique for you. I am opened for sugestions and I am generous.
20 min online consultation is free.


60 min 1600 kr
90 min 2100 kr
120 min 2600 kr
extra hour 1000 kr


anal / prostate massage 300 kr
body to body 500 kr
mutual massage 500 kr
ESO (extended sexual orgasm) 500 kr
BDSM elements 500 kr
4 hands, lessons in massage of your partner, lessons in massage with a model - ask me for details and prices.

💲Payment: preferable Revolut, but also Cash, PayPal, Wise or Vipps.

🔴 Explanation of services:

⚪️ Tantric massage includes interview, ritual, the whole body massage with various techniques and minimum 30 min lingham massage. Sometimes I work on the table, other times on the mattress.

⚪️ For anal massage I use my finger, hand in a latex glove.

⚪️ Body to body means I use my body to touch yours, we get close but how far we get depends on our chemistry, energy .. No sex.

⚪️ Mutual massage means we switch roles for some time and you can touch me, massage me under my guidance, so it feels good for me and you get to learn how to give woman a pleasure.

⚪️ ESO is a different tantric massage and involves a great deal on anal stimulation. It’s a combination of repeated lingam and anal massage.
The masseuse uses her fingers, switches from penis to anal and opposite when the man is at peak of pleasure with short intervals to their final connection and reaching orgasm. Minimum 90 min session.

⚪️ BDSM elements means Shibari ropes, eye scarf for blindfolding, gags for mouth, whips, pinwheel..
conscious BDSM for a different intensity of massage. It’s good for control freaks, restless minds or just for fun:)

⚪️ I also offer the therapeutic, heaing bodywork: de-armoring the body, genitals, anal, working with scars / scar tissue.

The sessions can be peaceful and relaxing, hot and sexy, hypnotic, deeply touching, very dynamic or light, or playful. It's hard to predict the dynamic of a session, but I aim for educational, healing and transformative meeting.
Do you experience some specific problems in your sexual life?
It might be difficult to talk with a stranger about problems related to intimacy like lack of sex-drive, difficulties in erection or achieving orgasm, premature ejaculation or prostate issues... but please try to open up and tell me about it during our interview.
You can expect atmosphere of understanding, safety, support, relaxation and heart warmth.
I want you to feel after the session a sense of harmony, relaxed but energized, educated and happier person, in peace with your sexuality.

REVIEW OF EVA’s session by Hans Petter:

Eva reviewI have just had a session with Eva. This was my third session with her and this time I wanted to try out the BDSM tantra combined with ESO.

Eva is a very experienced and well educated tantra provider and you will notice it from the first time she lays her hands on you. Her touch is different from anything I have experienced before and being with her is like being on a discovery journey of yourself with her as a guide.

The session started with her tying me up in ropes in a standing position but after a while she positioned me in a tied up position standing on all four. I felt very exposed and vulnerable in this position, but at the same time I felt totally safe being in Eva's hands.

Eva made sure that I got to experience a number of tools that she used on my exposed body. It was a mix of pleasure and pain and very exciting. Being tied up I had no control of the situation whatsoever and my future was literally in her hands. In addition she is very experienced and innovative and could improvise depending on my body's reaction to her treatments. This meant that I had to have complete focus on the situation. The past and the future did not have any meaning any longer. After leaving control over my body to Eva the only thing that was relevant was now. This was a very rewarding feeling to be forced to live in the present.

The latter part of the session was dedicated to ESO which can be described as a more intense version of tantric massage.

After the session was over I felt rejuvenated and relieved.

If you would like to have a fun, exciting and unique experience with an experienced and well educated tantra provider, Eva should be on top of your list.

💲Payment preferred in Revolut, PayPal or Wise but also Vipps or Cash.



09:00 - 21:00
09:00 - 21:00
09:00 - 21:00
09:00 - 21:00
09:00 - 21:00
09:00 - 21:00
09:00 - 21:00
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